Добро пожаловать, Владимир Минин (Welcome Vladimir Minin!)

20 Aug 2013, by Erick

Vladimir Minin is going to be visiting our group for 6 months or so for a sabbatical. Vladimir is on the Statistics faculty at the University of Washington, and does all sorts of really nice stuff at the intersection of biology and statistics. For you phylogeneticists out there, he is probably best known for his nice work on change-point processes and stochastic mapping with his PhD advisor Marc Suchard. Something recent of his that should be getting more attention IMHO is his work on counting + empirical Bayes to avoid having to do complex model fitting (PDF): the future may indeed be all about public acknowledgement of model mis-specification. I’m over the moon with glee to have Vladimir here at the FHCRC for a bit.

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